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Terra Nulla

 ( 2023 )


Based on the true story of Edward Eyre's epic 2500km journey across the Nullarbor Desert. Accompanied by an ex-convict and three aboriginal boys, their every step becomes a gamble against the odds in a deadly conflict. It's every man for himself.  

The Silver is Mine Novel

The Silver Is Mine

( 2016 )

Marcel knows he's just an average man. Someone you see everyday but never notice. Without any talent to boast or money to burn, he doesn’t deserve your attention. In fact he’s so average that he’s invisible. The perfect disguise for a crime. 

The Ice Factory Novel

The Ice Factory

( 2011 )

Grenada has been hit by a hurricane, badly damaging the Caribbean island's one and only Ice Factory. Can the new owner, Audrey, rebuild the place in time for the Caribbean Queen contest? The pride of a nation depends on it, and the world will be watching...

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